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Who we are?

Your mobility partner of choice

As a new company - Astara Poland - we are part of the global Astara Group (formerly known as Berge Automocion).
We rely on a vast capital of experience and competence in the mobility and automotive sector. Since 1996, we have been the general distributor of Mitsubishi Motors cars, spare parts and accessories in Poland

Astara Poland is also intensively working on expanding the scale of operations to soon present new brands based on its own ecosystem of distribution, communication and mobility, using nano-modern technological solutions.

We closely collaborate with the other countries and regional Astara Hubs, sharing knowledge and resources towards a greater operational efficiency. One of the examples is our cooperation with Astara Western Europe, aimed at integrating the activities for Isuzu Poland.

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Astara, Future of Mobility

What we do?

Tailor-made mobility for customers

As an experienced team of experts in the automotive industry, we have been responsible for the distribution, sale and service of Mitsubishi cars for over a quarter of a century.

Entering the international and multi-brand Astara Group has opened up wide opportunities for our company's development. Currently, we are also working intensively on plans to cooperate with other brands and implement innovative distribution, mobility and connectivity systems.

  • 26
    years of experience
  • + 100.000
    cars sold
  • 76
    authorized outlets
  • +1.300
    people employed

Our brands & mobility solutions

Getting closer to our customers

By implementing the strategic plan of the Astara group, which focuses on the changing needs of customers, we are working on the implementation of a distribution, communication and mobility ecosystem in Poland using the latest technologies.

We plan to integrate modern Astara solutions such as Store (new and used vehicle rental management platform), Move ( vehicle subscription platform for private individuals) & vehicle subscription platform for fleets) and Connect (connected vehicles).

This work coincides with the transformation of the entire industry and addresses the challenges posed by society in achieving sustainable mobility, better digitization and greater energy efficiency. Advanced digitization of activities will accelerate and facilitate all stages of buying a new car without leaving your home and will allow us to develop new services and experiences related to the ownership and use of vehicles.

Our team

A wide vision full of ideas

Astara in Poland is a team of 42 automotive enthusiasts. A large group of employees have been working in the company for 26 years, i.e. from the date of the company's establishment. Our strategy has always been focused on the clients and their needs.

Now, thanks to the innovative Astara solutions, we will be able to better respond to the growing expectations of customers, offering various forms of ownership and use of vehicles - from purchasing with many forms of financing, through short and long-term rental, as well as subscription and communication systems.

ESG Astara Poland


Our local commitment

We are aware of the challenges posed by society in terms of achieving sustainable mobility, greater energy efficiency and social responsibility.

As part of the educational pro-environmental initiative, for few years we have been producing and promoting the series of pro-ecological films "Eco-Tropy by Bartek Topa" with the participation of Bartłomiej Topa - a talented Polish actor and ambassador of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV model.

Our efforts were noticed by the industry, which resulted in the victory in The Best of 2021 plebiscite. The first film series among car brands with an educational flair, promoting ecological behaviour avior and projects, was recognized as the best advertising action in 2021. The films and photos presented in social media and on the blog have already reached 8 million Polish viewers.