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Your personal mobility provider

Colombia is a key market for Astara's internationalization strategy in Latin America, with constant growth in points of sale and service, and an expanding product portfolio.

We identify and track global trends in a customer-led market inspiring us to chase new opportunities and build useful future mobility solutions. We do this by establishing solid relationships and value creation with car manucafturers, developing a comprehensive journey, tailor-made for each customer.


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What we do

Tailor-made mobility for customers

Starting in 2010 with Jeep, Dodge and Ram brands, Astara Colombia has kept on growing, taking in significant brands such as Volvo in 2013, Peugeot in 2015, Fiat in 2017, and most recently Opel and Hyundai in 2021. 

With over 55 thousand vehicles sold in the country until 2021, strong relationships with the best retail partners in Colombia and 83 points of sale, we are able to bring together a vast capital of experience and competence in the mobility and automotive sectors.

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    car brands
  • 83
    Points of sale
  • 55.000
    Cars Sold in 2021

Our brands

Connecting customers with car brands in Colombia

In Colombia, Astara is the nationwide distributor of 8 brands ensuring the sales and assistance structure throughout the country.

Our team

Talent makes us better!

We are proud of our diverse, passionate, smart, and committed team representing our brands. Our team is formed by 45% of women and 55% of men with different backgrounds, personalities, knowledge, and skills that differentiate and complement eachother.

We love to innovate, allowing ourselves to think out of the box, breaking barriers under a common culture based on respect, friendship, and a good vibe. We work as a team to make things happen always collaborating.

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A place to bring people together

We are happy and proud of being part of the Astara Colombia team

Our new offices serve as an experience center for employees, clients, partners, and dealers so that we can connect and bring out all our creativity.

Its open and flexible design allows us to easily meet with colleagues to collaborate but also to find a quiet place to concentrate. Astara Colombia's experience center is backed by cutting edge technology to create a multifunctional workplace for our team that also meets the expectations of our visitors.

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