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Who we are

Your personal mobility provider

Astara Finland (former Bergé Auto Nordics) started operations in 2018. Astara Finland is the 4th largest car importer in Finland with more than 10.000 annual sales. The company currently represent 6 brands and ensures the respective sales and assistance networks. Astara Finland has more than 60 partners and dealerships.

With a solid presence in Finland, Astara brings together its own distribution and mobility ecosystem, encompassing all options of ownership, subscription, use, and connectivity that bring along the latest data and technology.

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What we do

Tailor-made mobility for customers

Every choice we make is taken in a transformative dimension, in an ever-changing world.

That is why Astara Finland is deeply committed to evolve towards a transversal strategy firmly anchored in innovation, bringing together a broad capital of experience, know-how, and competence in the mobility and automotive sectors.

  • 10.000
    cars sold yearly
  • +60
    partners and dealerships
  • 6
  • 70

Our brands & mobility solutions

Getting closer to our customers

In Finland, Astara is the nationwide distributor of 6 brands ensuring the sales and assistance structure throughout the country

Our team

A wide vision full of ideas

Astara is made by people, for people. And our team believes that the true goals of everything they do lie in the expectations of each client, and their own personal way of approaching mobility.

Therefore, we have a multidisciplinary team made up of more than 70 professionals for a complete and comprehensive response to the changes in the sector.

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