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Formerly known as Alcomotive, Astara Western Europe has a strong heritage in the automotive business in Europe. On several occasions the company played a pioneering role with the launch of new Asian car brands in different European markets. Astara Western Europe has a presence in 6 European Countries.

The region headquarters are located near Antwerp, Belgium. Next to Belgium, we also cover The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Poland (partially).

Astara Western Europe

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What we do

Tailor-made mobility for customers

We strive to be the perfect official distributor for (new) brands that wants to be present in our markets or even new territory. By working in a partnership with the brands headquarters, with our dealers and our customers, we always aim to implement balanced ideas and solutions.
Continuing our pioneering spirit, Astara Western Europe is now evolving from a strictly distributor mentality towards a trendsetting mobility solutions company focusing on the global Astara Ecosystem around ownership, subscription, connectivity and intelligence.

We have also a strong focus on financial services , paving the way towards tailor-made mobility solutions.

  • 7Brands
    Asian Car- and Light Commercial Vehicles
  • 6Countries
    Part of the Western Europe Regional Hub

Our brands & mobility solutions

Getting closer to our customers

Astara Western Europe is the official distributor of 7 brands ensuring sales and support throughout 6 countries. It also owns Astara Financial Products; the group's financial solutions company.

With the offer of several financial related products, we can offer a one-stop-shopping experience towards our customers, regardless of their mobility needs. Both ownership and other mobility solutions variants are in constant development.

In Switzerland, Astara Western Europe stands as the exclusive distributor for Aiways, and in Poland as the distributor for Isuzu.

With regards to Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany, our presence is as follows:

Our team

A wide vision full of ideas

At Astara Western Europe we create value through relationships and service, and therefore it will always be our people that make the success of the company. Our group is characterized by a very dynamic, challenging, and open culture with a personal approach to each employee. We offer our staff an environment where initiative and entrepreneurship are key principles.

The Astara Western Europe management has 2 major levels; the Executive Committee is the highest organ and is looking over the vision, strategy and major decisions in close collaboration with Astara Head Offices. The daily operations are managed by the Operations Committee. Here we have the Brand Managers and Head Off our several Competence Centers working together towards a streamlined way of working.

At Astara Western Europe we strongly commit to our values like being humble, show trust, take ownership and be a team. We also embrace every opportunity to coach and educate our people towards higher levels.

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