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Focused on improving business performance by maximizing and extending every customer’s lifecycle through knowledge and engagement, helping you foresee and understand their needs to lead a partner towards successful, long-lasting relationships.

Adapting our process and methods to your needs, always starting with the user and keeping them in mind throughout the whole process, and among all, analyzing beyond mobility; including implications for all involved.

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Data-driven technology

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Differentiating yourself from others, now a days is mandatory in order to achieve sustainable growth, as well as to set the right customer strategies. Astara Platform provides a complete set of advanced intelligence capabilities across the mobility ecosystem.

From a strategic point of view, the core way to be able to accomplish differentiation is by assessing the competitiveness of a brand with a holistic approach. In other words, we enable brands to get insights and see how they compare with your competitors across 7 categories with more than 60 different digital marketing KPIs.

Our data analysis process is based on a wide variety of internal and external sources and will help you improve your performance. Identify your strengths, find new opportunities for growth, counter every possible risk and discover the best steps to take to enhance your marketing strategy.

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Research | Mobility Intelligence

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Innovation is part of our DNA. We cover every possible front, from latent demand detection processes to platform integrations, product and system revamps, on-demand custom solutions, apps to improve customer loyalty and technology to help companies develop more efficient processes. Custom made tailored research outputs.

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Get actionable knowledge and facts. We take global mobility data and use all the information and learnings we gather as an intelligence tool that allows our customers to understand user and industry patterns, business trends and all the changes taking place in the market on a day-to-day basis.

  • Landscaping
    Structured and analyzed list of players in a specific category.
  • Platform
    Everything you need to know about a specific topic or category.
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    A daily updated tool with the highest curated information.
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    Most relevant content summarized and all the mobility investments.

Building the future of sustainable mobility

  • Advisory

MOBISM (The Mobility Institute for Sustainable Mobility) born with the goal of creating real mobility assets for the future. In the current global context, creating truly sustainable solutions is not only a pressing need but also a way to create real value in the cities where these services are deployed.

Our work stands on three main pillars: research, company creation and collaboration between ecosystem members.

Advising specially focused on cities and territories is one of the main purposes. From a UX point of view and tracking the customer journeys through real data (In real time), we foresee the construction of the suitable and sustainable mobility as B2G.

Digital and Technology, product and vehicles, urban design, transport modelling and Integration with urbanism at smart cities are some of the common topics performed by us.

MOBISM (The Mobility Institute for Sustainable Mobility)