astara makes Dakar history by applying values that transform mobility

  • Courage, teamwork or humanity, Astara closes the world's most demanding motor racing competition at the forefront of transformation in a world that is constantly moving, changing and evolving.
  • For the second year, the global mobility company innovates with the use of e-fuel in its Dakar competition car: the Astara 01 Concept, the best alternative for respecting the environment in all areas.
  • The diversity and professionalism of the people who make up the Astara Team have made it possible to overcome the obstacles encountered in a race as demanding as it is unpredictable.

17th January 2023. ‘Move. It’s your right’. The new purpose of Astara, one of the leading global mobility companies, promotes people's right to move. In doing so, Astara is committed to smart, integrated solutions that shape the way we move today and will move tomorrow.

“We want to offer open, responsible and sustainable mobility that optimizes the use of necessary resources and helps us move smarter. We understand how important mobility is in people's lives, and how it evolves with our needs throughout our lives”, explains Marta Ríos, Astara's Chief Brand Officer.

This is the second year of a very ambitious project in which Astara's values are put into practice in the most demanding competition in the world. Innovation, courage, humanity and open-mindedness are values that we have been able to see every day in our team in the Dakar.

A clear example of the importance of these values has been the epic feat of the team to repair the car of Laia Sanz in record time, after suffering a severe rollover during stage 5.“The planning and strategic capacity of the team, along with the tenacity and professionalism of the people who compose it, have been key in this edition of the Dakar to overcome the obstacles that arise in a race as demanding as unpredictable”, says Gonzalo de Andrés, Team Principal of the Astara Team.

Another example is the data that reflects the company's commitment to caring for the environment. The Astara Team has stopped emitting 11.58 tonnes of CO2 thanks to the use of e-fuel in its competition cars during the first week of the Dakar, pending finalisation of the report with data from the second and final week.

“We are committed to e-fuel to offer a more environmentally friendly mobility in all environments, including the most depopulated area of the world in Saudi Arabia where electrification is not possible today”, says Marta Ríos.

The effort, perseverance, commitment and professionalism of the team is what has allowed the two riders to reach the finish line in this demanding and unpredictable race, which is considered one of the toughest in recent years.

Carlos Checa: "We overcame all the obstacles and the team was fundamental in overcoming all those difficult moments. Above all, it's important to stress the work of the team. Nobody has lost their smile, nor their desire to work with the aim of finishing this Dakar, and we have achieved it".

Laia Sanz: "We finished the Dakar, 13 out of 13. It took a lot of hard work, but I have to thank the mechanics for their work every day and every night to make it happen. Without them and without the help of the whole team it would not have been possible to return to the race after the accident in stage 5".

“We have been overcoming all the obstacles, the human team being essential to face all these difficult moments. Above all, the work of the team should be emphasized. No one has lost their smile, or the desire to work with the aim of finishing this Dakar, and we have achieved it”.
Carlos Checa, astara team driver


The Open Mobility Company

Astara is an innovative, industry-leading global mobility company with a broad portfolio of services and products. With a turnover of 5.5 billion euros in 2022, Astara is present in Spain, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Peru and the Philippines. Representing 30 car brands. Astara provides a distribution and mobility ecosystem that covers all the markets in which the group operates, including all ownership, subscription, use, and connectivity options, always at the hand of the latest technology. All this thanks to a diverse team of more than 25 nationalities, in these 17 countries and 3 continents, Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia.


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ASTARA TEAM is a competition team created in 2021 to compete in the Dakar Rally and demonstrate that technological excellence and competition at the highest level are absolutely compatible with respect for the environment and diversity. ASTARA TEAM faces its second Dakar with three ASTARA 01 CONCEPTs, a 2WD buggy in the T1.3 category powered by e-fuel, the lightest vehicle in its category. Laia Sanz- Maurizio Gerini, Carlos Checa-Marc Solà and Óscar Fuertes-Diego Vallejo will compete at the highest level with an efficient and ecological mobility solution with the aim of repeating as the most sustainable team in the Dakar. The 2023 Dakar Rally is held for the fourth consecutive year in Saudi Arabia from December 31 to January 15.

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