Astare Perú logo on bottle

Astara Peru is born

With presence on 3 continents and in a total of 17 countries, Astara is a global mobility company, known under the name of SKBergé in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru, representative in the country of the brands Kia, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, MG, Chery and Fuso.

“Five years ago we began to see and understand a series of factors that were taking place in the world, such as the change in consumer behavior, where they decide when to obtain what they need and how to do it. That is why we decided to create a system with alternative forms of mobility, which give the user the freedom to choose how, when and where to move”.

Jorge González, Managing Director of Astara in Peru, Colombia and Argentina

In this way, Astara arrives in Peru as a comprehensive ecosystem, which encompasses a complete diversification of products and services focused on personal mobility such as sales, subscription, B2B / B2C, among others, backed by a self-developed digital platform, which allows interaction with customers throughout the different phases of the shopping experience.

For this to be possible, innovation and technology become fundamental elements in this new reality, the same one that is inspired by the disruptive models of digital transformation that put the user at the center of the strategy. It is thanks to technology, an element that today is within the reach of most, that Astara can reach a large number of users and thus fulfill one of the brand's purposes; be a more sustainable and advanced mobility partner.

“All these initiatives were intended as additional solutions to the traditional sale of vehicles that we drive today. In this way, anyone who wants to mobilize will be able to choose how to do it and we as Astara will make it happen".

Jorge González, Managing Director of Astara in Peru, Colombia and Argentina