astara Play

Intelligent planning for mass return after summer hollidays
by astara Play

astara Play is the key tool for smart users this summer. This curious platform allows you to have real-time information about the most affordable gas stations, charging points and low emission areas in Spain and Chile.

astara, one of the leading companies in mobility services, has developed an interesting free platform, astara Play, with useful information on mobility for drivers for the mass return operation this summer. It is a progressive web application (that is, a web that can function as an app in any operating system) that allows users to choose the best route depending on location and gas stations prices, charging points and low-emission zones in cities. A very useful tool for those who want to make the most of their holiday and have little time, but are eager to travel intelligently on their return home.

astara Play saves time and money intuitively and easily, through its interactive maps and search capabilities, which assist any driver in and out of cities. An ally for the intelligent mobility in this holiday mass return operation, which adds to astara’s range of mobility solutions, such as property or payment for use (car sharing or subscription), so that each person can move as they wish.