Astara Store

An end-to-end retail digital experience

Europe's first online automotive retailer

Buy a car today without stepping on a dealer

We work with distributors, dealers and OEMs to streamline and digitalize the private new and used car and motorbike purchase process. Technology and human factor working together to create the most curated online experience for people to discover, try and buy a vehicle, and receive it in 15 days without ever leaving their homes. 

It enhances the car buying experience for existing customers and attracts new clients into the market with a convenient and transparent business model.

  • The marketplace

It stands as a virtual marketplace for new and second-hand vehicles where users can test-drive, request live videos, finance or cash purchase and get delivered within 15 days, all from home. The digital meeting point between automotive dealers and customers.

Astara Brand
Astara Brand

  • The Business Solution

Astara Store Business Solutions provides international car brands the ultimate Platform as a Service, allowing them to sell cars in an end-to-end online process The perfect journey for customers to purchase a vehicle in just a few minutes.