Flexible Mobility Solutions

As part of our environment, in-time with a deep industry transformation, we combine ownership solutions with use mobility.

This combination creates the perfect balance to meet all demands.

The traditional ownership model covers vehicle transportation and acquisition by individuals and businesses, while subscription models cover different individual needs, depending on factors like seasonality, trends and workload.


An on-demand vehicle subscription

Cardive offers hassle-free access to a wide variety of vehicles through its monthly subscription plans, handling all the tasks traditionally associated with ownership, such as maintenance and insurance, so that users can enjoy all the benefits of driving a car without any of the fuss.

Cardive Flexible Renting


On-demand vehicles for all kinds of businesses

Fleeet matches vehicle fleet owners with users by offering flexible, all-inclusive subscription packages. It fulfils the monthly transportation needs of small companies, startups and other customers, serving as a one-stop solution for mobility service providers all over the world.