astara y eneco

astara and Eneco eMobility come together to face the challenge of electric driving.

Mechelen/Kontich, 20 December 2022: Astara and Eneco eMobility announce today a collaboration to address the challenges of electric mobility and make the transition to electric driving easier and more sustainable.

This agreement allows astara to offer the best service to customers who are strongly committed to electric mobility. Thanks to Eneco eMobility, customers are freed from inconveniences or drawbacks, presenting a complete offer, including services such as the implementation of intelligent charging infrastructures, charging administrative and financial management by enabling an international payment card without subscription, or driving with real green electricity.

Eneco, a pioneer in the energy transition, is a producer and supplier of 100% green power produced by wind and solar means. Thanks to an infrastructure of more than 380,000 solar panels, 124 land-based wind turbines and stakes in the two largest offshore wind farms (SeaMade and Norther), it guarantees all customers local 100% sustainable energy production.

"For us, it is extremely important that the evolution towards electrical conduction is as smooth and sustainable as possible for our customers. This cooperation agreement with Eneco provides, first of all, a unique solution in which our customers receive assistance throughout the process of transition to electrical conduction".
Olivier Sermeus, Country Manager of astara Western Europe

Through this partnership, Eneco eMobility supports the integration and charging of the electric vehicle fleet of astara employees.

"We are delighted to partner with astara," said Leonie Baneke, CEO of Eneco eMobility. " astara, with its wide range of products and services, like Eneco eMobility, plays an important role when it comes to electrifying our mobility".

Eneco offers astara customers a complete service with the installation of charging stations. This infrastructure also measures the customer’s household electricity consumption and automatically adjusts the car’s load capacity accordingly. Therefore, customers will only have to change their network infrastructure in certain cases, allowing fewer access barriers, and economic savings. In addition to this, thanks to the astara Charge service, you will enjoy the possibility of charging your electric vehicle at more than 250,000 charging points in Europe, without subscription fees or access.