astara certifies its carbon neutrality
at Dakar Rally 2023

MADRID, 22 April 2023 – astara, a leading global mobility company, has announced the neutrality of its carbon footprint following the use of biofuel (e-fuel) at Dakar Rally 2023 in Saudi Arabia, proving that it is possible to compete at the top level with minimal environmental impact.

For the second year in a row, the astara Team, led by drivers Laia Sanz, Oscar Fuertes, and Carlos Checa, challenges the idea that the largest competitions in motorsport cannot be sustainable, and reaffirms astara’s commitment to transform mobility with the use of technology and innovation.

“It was a pleasure to be able to promote this fuel with a low carbon footprint. Looking forward, Dakar is a global benchmark and achieving the most sustainable results possible is vital for all of us,”
Carlos Checa, astara Team driver

For Laia Sanz, regarding the astara Team, “it was an honor to be part of the astara Team, a team that not only cares about the competition, but also respecting the planet and becoming the most sustainable team of the Dakar Rally.”

As part of astara’s commitment to transparency, it has also been considered the indirect emissions, or Scope 3, into its calculations: emissions that are not directly generated by the team, such as the plane or boat trips for materials, which account for a majority of the total carbon emissions of the astara Team (66 percent), where the ability to take reductive measures is very limited.

The total emissions of the astara Team in Dakar, both direct and indirect emissions, were 82 tons, which represents a tenth of the emissions of one 90-minute football game, according to the World Football Summit.

The three astara 01 Concept competition vehicles emit, on average, 70% less CO2 than other competition vehicles with fossil fuels. Overall, astara Concept Cars saved 14 tons of CO2 emissions with the use of e-fuel throughout the entire Dakar Rally 2023, which is the equivalent of the emissions produced by seven passenger vehicles over the course of one year, according to the International Federation of Automobiles (FIA).

“When talking about sustainability, technology (in this case, e-fuel), is an important part, but it’s not everything. You must take into account the structure, the people, the technical team, because all of this has an impact. We have planned and designed the team to have the least possible impact,” said Óscar Fuertes, astara Team driver. 

The Net Zero Cloud platform by Salesforce, one of astara’s strategic technological partners, allowed to visualize the emissions data in real-time and share it with those who were following.

astara wanted to seal its sustainability commitment with a carbon compensation project for its entire team (not just the astara 01 Concept vehicles, which used e-fuel, but also the support vehicles and indirect emissions).

As such, the company selected Puro.Earth, a well-known global credit platform for the technological removal of carbon and specifically, a project from Ekovilla in Finland, one of the country’s where astara operates.

The Ekovilla project stores carbon in renewable natural resources in construction materials over decades and supports the circular economy, recycling and creation of green jobs.

“The reputation of Puro.Earth guarantees the quality of the carbon extraction thanks to the latest technological advances, a priority that we share at astara. We always deliver on our promises, and this was the last step to ensure that the only mark that we left on Dakar was the courage of our drivers,” shared Marta Ríos, Chief Brand Officer of astara.

The measuring, reporting and emissions compensation process was certified by the independent authority AENOR. Additionally, the carbon elimination project from has the Puro Standard certificate, one of the highest-quality certifications, and has been audited independently.

What is synthetic fuel (e-fuel)?

E-fuel, or synthetic fuel, is typically in liquid form, obtained from renewable sources.

In a competition such as Dakar, where the ambition of the astara Team is to obstain the best result possible with the lowest impact on the environment, the team found this solution to be the perfect fit.

The very high-energy density of e-fuel guarantees the team the necessary autonomy to tackle the very long stages of Dakar without services, and at an optimal performance level.

It is said to be a “neutral fuel” because almost all the emissions from its use are captured in the production of the fuel. In the case of the astara Team, any unreduced emissions from the three competition vehicles were compensated to reach net-zero.


About astara: The Open Mobility Company

We are an open mobility company, with a human-to-human approach, committed to sustainability. 

With a turnover of more than 5 billion euros in 2022, astara offers personal mobility solutions, with options for the different needs of each user depending on the maturity of each market, including all ownership, subscription and car sharing. A mobility ecosystem, backed by data intelligence and supported by the astara platform. 

All of this is thanks to astara’s diverse team, with more than 25 nationalities, in 19 countries and 3 continents: Europe, LATAM and Southeast Asia. 

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