Micro and astara sign a strategic partnership to lead the micro mobility offering in Germany and Spain

Astara has signed a strategic partnership with Micro, to distribute the Microlino in Germany and Spain and lead the micro mobility offering in these countries.

Astara, world leader in mobility and automotive distribution, has signed a strategic partnership with Micro, to distribute the Microlino in Germany and Spain and lead the micro mobility offering in these countries. With a disruptive design between a motorbike and a car and one of the most eco-friendly mobility solutions in the market, Microlino will be able to develop its full potential by seizing all of Astara’s digital, mobility and distribution capabilities.

This partnership is the first step of an alliance that could develop further to additional markets in the following months. Astara will deploy its ecosystem of mobility products and services, with a strong focus in new and innovative solutions such as Astara Move, which allows customers to subscribe to a vehicle for a short period of time having access to a flexible mobility solution through a hassle-free and 100% online journey. In addition to this, Astara will work together with its extensive network of sales and service partners in those markets to cover any customer need.

“It is with great satisfaction that Astara signs a strategic partnership with one of the most innovative companies in the mobility world. Micro has a vast heritage in innovating and impacting in the way people move, building a success story well known by many. Their new creation, the Microlino, will undoubtedly increase the scope of our business in today’s highly competitive market, while at the same time we will contribute to the brand with our extensive experience in digital transformation and the new mobility ecosystem”
Jorge Navea, CEO of Astara

“We are beyond happy to partner up with Astara, a global company with a long history of distributing brands in Europe, Latin America and Asia. They are the perfect partner to realize our vision of more space-saving and eco-friendly urban mobility in Spain and Germany”

Merlin Outboter, Micro Co-Founder

The Microlino is an L7e class light electric vehicle and has two seats, up to 230km range, 90km/h maximum speed and a trunk capacity of 230 liters. The vehicle was designed specifically for urban areas and has won numerous awards - including the Good Design

Award from the Chicago Athenaeum, the oldest design award in the world. More than 35,000 customers have already reserved a Microlino. First deliveries of a limited edition called “Pioneer Series” have already started in Switzerland. The first deliveries in Germany and Spain will follow beginning of 2023.


About Micro

In 1999, the Swiss entrepreneur Wim Ouboter founded Micro by inventing the first kickscooter ideal for urban mobility and was first to use the term “micro mobility”. The Micro Kickscooter became a huge success, selling millions of units already in its launch year and was copied countless times.

In 2013, Micro ventured into electric mobility, by launching their first E-Scooter. Since then, Micro has continuously evolved its electric product line up and collaborations with BMW, Mercedes and Peugeot have followed.

In 2015, Micro started developing the Microlino, led by Wim Ouboter’s two sons Merlin and Oliver. First thought of as a PR-gag for the Geneva Motor Show, the public interest was so great, that Micro decided to start series development. After many setbacks that included the acquisition of Micro’s former production partner by a third entity, Micro decided to completely redesign the Microlino and take the production under its own responsibility.

Micro is a Swiss family company 100% owned by the Ouboter family. The company has received numerous awards for its products and its leadership, among them the Fast Company and Most Innovative Company Award.