We are driven by technology and data intelligence

to change for the better the way people move.

Meet our ecosystem

We grow together with our partners, and we believe in collaboration to support mobility as a lever for growth, wealth, and freedom.

Since 1979, the company has significantly grown up until today, representing a strategic partner helping build long-lasting relationships with their customers thanks to a deep understanding of the industry and a reliable business model.

Thanks to the experience we gained these past years we are able to generate a competitive advantage in data and know-how to successfully collaborate with mobility partners and car manufacturers, to understand and shape customer needs through mobility solutions based on data and expertise, and bring the best and most suitable options for mobility, making brands more efficient.

We have developed a dynamic mobility ecosystem, which grows and powers itself through car distribution, subscription & acquisition mobility, vehicle connectivity and data intelligence solutions. We are able to respond to the challenges demanded by society, such as achieving more sustainable, digitalized and energy efficient mobility. It allows us to develop and specialise in mobility solutions becoming your personal mobility provider.

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  5. Intelligence

We never stop moving

Enriching our living ecosystem

Our Research Hub

We map the world to find the best technologies, social trends and industry players

The Research Hub is a permanent center dedicated to gathering information from multiple sources, collecting all the data we need to keep shaping the future of mobility. Every year, we publish an in-depth report summarizing, analyzing and sharing our take on market trends.

Our Venture Building

Plan, develop & grow

As part of our path as a company we also create and help growing startups across the value chain. We work with the best talent to develop our own venture building workflow, prioritizing quality over quantity in everything we do.

We combine the best global practices with our experience as entrepreneurs to create one new company each year, taking it from the conceptualization phase to an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in less than 12 months. After that, we start working to make it grow.