A mobility company driven by people, backed by intelligence

Mobility company driven by people

We are an innovative mobility and multicultural company always looking ahead. We offer our clients a broad portfolio of products and services, allowing them to choose how they want to move according to their needs.

Our extensive experience and ability to constantly observe the evolution of mobility enable us to adapt to the ever-changing technologies, trends, and users’ needs. All thanks to a diverse and talented team of more than 30 nationalities, with different backgrounds such as engineers, marketing experts, or IT specialists always ready to find the best solutions.

Together, we build up a global company with presence in 17 countries in Europe, Latam, and Southeast Asia, and make it possible to achieve a forecasted turnover of €5.5Billion (2022).

  • 3
  • 17
  • 30
  • 4.600
  • 230.000
    Forecasted Cars sold (2022)
  • 5.5Billion€
    Forecasted Turnover (2022)

We identify and track global trends in a customer-led market inspiring us to chase new opportunities and build useful future mobility solutions, through solid relationships and value creation, with car brands by developing a comprehensive journey, tailor-made for each customer.

Our Values

The character that leads our way

  1. We’re prepared for what’s next thanks to the tools we continue to develop.

  2. We’re driven by people who empower us to find the path forward.

  3. We are backed by intelligence with crucial data that will help you save time and money.

  4. We go further together by creating long-lasting relationships.

Our Team

Talent makes us better

We’re proud to have a diverse, international team from different backgrounds, cultures and countries. We’re constantly sharing our thoughts, views and perspectives, creating a vibrant environment where ideas keep flowing.

We work together as one team to make things happen, regardless of our location.
We’ve fostered a work-from-home culture to adapt to our team’s needs and lifestyles to encourage a healthy work-life balance. This way we are able to learn, enhance our efficiency and develop an even more collaborative environment.

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Astara Team

The most sustainable team on Dakar 2022

We were able to prove that synthetic fuels can be reliable as a real alternative, being the first team achieving zero balance battling for victory, taking sustainability as our competitive advantage. 

#OneTeam #OneBrand

Our Experience Center

A place to bring people together

We’ve created a new space which serves as both our head office and a hub for innovation and talent. From employees to clients, partners and suppliers, everyone’s welcome to stop by and connect. This is our Global Experience Center.

    Based in Madrid, Spain, our head office is divided into different areas that offer each visitor a unique experience. Its open, flexible layout meets everyone’s needs, whether you want to come together to collaborate or find a spot to concentrate.

    Astara’s Global Experience Center is supported by cutting-edge technology to create a multifunctional workplace for our team that also fulfils our visitors’ expectations.

    Where to find us

    Our Key Spots

    As a global multicultural company, you can find us in different locations.

    Central Europe

    Latin America

    Northern Europe

    Southeast Asia

    • Philippines

    Southern Europe