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IAA Mobility Munich: astara showcases Microlino, Maxus and its latest addition in Germany, Silence

At IAA Mobility, astara will spotlight brands leading the charge towards a greener and more intelligent mobility landscape: Microlino, Maxus, and Silence. The Open Mobility Company has initiated the distribution of electric Silence scooters and micro-mobility vehicles across four pivotal regions in Germany.

astara, a leading global mobility company, is set to make a significant impact at the this years' IAA Mobility event in Munich. From September 4th to 8th, the company will proudly present its portfolio of innovative brands that have been making waves in the German market: Microlino, Maxus, and its latest addition, Silence.  

astara's participation in one of the world's premier mobility gatherings underscores its strong commitment to electric vehicles, micromobility solutions, and groundbreaking connectivity technologies. Under the slogan "experience connected mobility," the IAA aims to bring forth the next generation of mobility experiences, and astara is primed to play a pivotal role in redefining the concept of connectivity through its data-driven technology.

William Meerschaut, Brand Director astara Western Europe:

“As trailblazers in this dynamic industry, we are excited to showcase our diverse range of personal mobility solutions at this influential event. Our innovative approach aims to democratize mobility for individuals from all walks of life. Through a distinctive mobility ecosystem, we're not just preparing for the future of mobility; we're actively shaping its landscape and seizing its opportunities.”  

Sebastian Canadell, Chief of astara Intelligence, the company's mobility advisory business unit, will participate in a panel titled "Car Ownership of the Future - Buying, Leasing, Sharing, Subscribing," on September 6th where he will share his unique insights into the evolution of smart cities. Through its advisory and mobility tools for business and public administrations, astara Intelligence drives future mobility by fostering innovation while remaining dedicated to sustainability and addressing societal challenges.    

“Smart Cities are fueled by data and technology, and this has transformative effects on mobility. At astara, we harness the power of our technology platform, big data and our deep understanding of emerging trends and shifts to develop tailor-made projects that pave the way for smart cities to overcome mobility-related challenges.”
Sebastian Canadell

astara micromobility and EVs in Germany on display at IAA  astara has a strong presence in the Germany market with two offices in Cologne and Frankfurt and a dedicated workforce of nearly 80 employees. The company has also built a robust distribution portfolio to include Isuzu, Maxus, SsangYong, and brands specialized in micromobility, Microlino and Silence.     Micromobility for urban environments is just one of the trends that astara has seen emerging in the mobility industry. To meet the growing demand, earlier this year, astara added the renowned Swiss brand Micro to its distribution line-up in Germany, which has since expanded to the Spanish market. The inclusion of the innovative Microlino nanocar empowers astara to provide an unparalleled future-proof and more sustainable solution for urban mobility. Attendees can experience the stylish micro vehicle at the astara booth throughout the conference.

At IAA, astara will also be debuting Silence vehicles for the German market after announcing the expansion of its strategic alliance with the brand to distribute its electric scooters and micromobility vehicles in Bavaria, Baden Württemberg, Hessen, and Hamburg. Silence, the electric vehicle line of Spanish brand ACCIONA, offers unique and innovative features with sustainability in mind, including the retractable battery system. The Silence S01/S02 scooter and the S04 ‘nanocar’, which both utilize this battery system, will be on display at the astara booth.

In addition to Microlino and Silence, astara will showcase a unique Maxus vehicle. Maxus, already renowned for its fully electric light commercial vehicles, recently launched the MIFA 9 premium people carrier. The MIFA 9 is a 100% electric MPV with a driving range of up to 595 km that offers unprecedented and innovative comfort features for the driver and 6 passengers, such as fully electric adjustable captain seats with a massage function, among others.